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Raven Private Investigation Agency/International Criminal Investigation Agency


This is the purpose of establishing an international crime investigation agency.

In this global era, changes and complex phenomena in the activities of corporations and civilians are coming more rapidly. It is a FTA (Free Trade Agreement) that has concluded competitively for the mutual benefit of the state and the nation. I have been paying attention to the necessity of measures in accordance with various international legal cases and complaints.

The problems between individuals and corporations are caused by both international and national issues. We have established this International Criminal Investigation agency to prevent and minimize the loss and suffering caused by problems that may come between individuals and businesses, and to deal with unfavorable situations that can expand into interstate problems.

In particular, Our Raven agency has an Investigator license by the US state department. We will help US and Canadian companies and individual victims with issues stemming from economic crimes, international disputes, fraud, confidential leaks and embezzlement. We will also work with Raven international investigators to deal with the international criminal cases.

In addition, we will visit Korean American prisoners who are in imminent condition in the US, and we will provide council on the disadvantages caused by the difference in language and culture. At the same time, we will work to protect them from unjust and illegal treatment from correctional authorities and other inmates, and to protect the Korean prisoners human rights, and to minimize the kinds of mental and physical suffering that may occur during their imprisonment to the extent permitted by law, to endure the loneliness and difficulties of the correctional institutions in other countries. We will encourage to them so that they can have hope for life.

The Raven Legal Task Force is the armed security and Investigation agency. There are four license agencies under Raven Legal task Force. There is the Raven Armed Security Company in charge of armed personal body guarding and uniform security guard, the Raven Armed Private Investigation Company in charge of personal information, background check and follow-up investigation, and the Bail Bond Recovery Company for arresting the wanted, and World task Force Security College to educating people who looking for a job in the security industry.


Raven Regal Task Force/Investigation Agency

Criminal Investigation Work / Civil & Criminal Litigation Evidence Collection / 

Background Investigation / Personal Information History Check /

Motel / Hotel / Shopping Center / Guard & Patrol

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7216 Yakima Ave, Tacoma, WA 98408
USA (253) 353-3663

This certifies that the business named hereon is authorized, as provided by law, as a private vocational technique college/security guard/investigator/bail bond agency WA.

After Sept. 11, 2001, international trends have been alarming.

Domestic and international terrorists are equipped and better trained than many governmental military units.

Furthermore, terrorists and pirates use machine guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers, radar and high-speed boats to attack and hijack their targets of opportunity.

Raven Security Enforcement’s continually strives to develop new tactics, techniques, and procedures to counter current threats using the latest technology.

We are readily available to address our clients’ concern and need to Detect, Deter, and Defend any crisis situation.

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